Join the International Integrity Conference on December 8th in the Hague

After 3 years of digital editions, we’re excited to finally welcome attendees in person at the 7th edition of the International Integrity Conference, which will be held in Madurodam, The Hague on Friday, December 8th.

This unique multi-stakeholder conference on integrity, trust and the fight against corruption aims to inspire and exchange ideas.

In a rapidly globalising world, where diverse cultures, economies, and technologies intersect, there is a growing need to revisit, reaffirm, and recalibrate our collective moral compass. This year, our International Integrity Conference delves deep into the theme:

The Moral Compass, Shared values in a Global Context

Integrity is not just an abstract principle; it is the bedrock upon which our shared values rest and thrive. As we navigate the nuanced landscapes of Climate Responsibility, Geopolitical Resilience, Digital Evolution, Economic Dynamics, and Supply Chain Integrity, our commitment to unwavering integrity is what ensures that we do so with a vision that is both sustainable and equitable.

Discover a program filled with valuable knowledge and interactions: Gain insights from 25 business experts and leading academics, Participate in cutting-edge workshops, Join us in exploring the future of integrity! Click here to learn more about this enriching program!

Integrity Impact Award

As part of our revamped International Week of Integrity, we are thrilled to launch the inaugural Integrity Impact Award- Acknowledging Transparency and Ethical Leadership

Be Recognized for Your Commitment to Integrity!

In a rapidly changing world, full of challenges, integrity remains the cornerstone of both business conduct and societal trust. This award honours entities that go beyond mere compliance, embodying ethical leadership in the face of modern complexities. Be it in pioneering sustainable practices, navigating digital transformations, or addressing global economic challenges — if your organization stands as a beacon of integrity, we aim to spotlight you! The award will be presented during the International Integrity Convention on December 8th..

Find out more on how to participate

Join us as an active partner and get your organization involved in the Week of Integrity

Over 110 organizations are already part of the network of the Week of Integrity. Your involvement and support not only show your organization’s commitment to a higher ethical standard but also motivate others in your industry to adopt this noble belief. We need to join forces to reinforce integrity in our society.

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The Week of Integrity rewarded

23 June 2023 | As organizer and initiator of the Week of Integrity, The Week of Integrity Foundation has won the Jacobus Oranje Integrity Medal. This award is intended for individuals or organizations that have made an extraordinary effort to promote integrity management within their organization or sector.

Read the jury full report

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