The Week of Integrity has now over 110 partners from the business community, government organizations and educational and social institutions. The reach of the Week of Integrity is at least 500,000 employees! This network aims to draw attention to the importance of business integrity. Every organization organizes its own initiative during the Week of Integrity to make their employees, customers or other target groups aware of the importance of integrity. As part of the multi-stakeholder network, partners share best practices and experiences about their own integrity policy, challenges and new insights throughout the year. Through this positive approach, this initiative emphasizes what is possible and creates a constructive debate where ideas and strategies are exchanged.

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Benefits of becoming a partner of the Week of Integrity

Becoming a partner allows you to elevate your organization’s profile through inspirational engagement and best practice sharing. It also offers an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to business integrity and provides you with many benefits, as listed below:

Invitation to online and in-person events throughout the year
Participation to the Integrity Impact Award click for more info
Educational Enrichment with access to Workshops
Brand Visibility
Logo Utilization Privilege

What is expected of you as a partner?

As a partner, you commit to actively support the Week of Integrity through:

Activity Leadership: Organize a captivating activity during Integrity Week (December 1 to 9) aimed at increasing awareness . Your initiative can take any form. Be as creative as you want and tailor your message to your goal and target audience.

Communication of Commitment: Champion your commitment to the Week of Integrity by broadcasting your involvement to your network and beyond.

Logo Display: Exhibit the Week of Integrity logo prominently during the designated week, symbolizing your organization’s robust endorsement of ethical conduct.

Engagement in Partner Meetings: Be present in the partner meetings, capitalizing on the opportunity to connect with a network of like-minded experts from various fields including public service, legal, auditing, and governance.

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Testimonials from partners

Practical guidelines

ICC and other organizations have useful anti-corruption guidelines, toolkits and standards.
Below are some examples you might find useful:

– ICC Rules on Combating Corruption;
– ICC Richtlijnen voor (Relatie-)geschenken en gastvrijheid;
– ICC Due Dilligence Guide for SMEs;
– ICC Anti-Corruption Clause;
– ICC Guidelines on Whistleblowing;
– Resisting Extortion and Solicitation in International Transactions (RESIST);
– OECD Good Practice Guidance on Internal Controls, Ethics, and Compliance;
– The UN Anti-Corruption Toolkit;
– TI Business Principles for Countering Bribery;
– IntegriteitsWijzer, Huis voor Klokkenluiders.