Assessment Form

Welcome to the official assessment form for the inaugural Integrity Impact Award. This award, presented as a significant element of the International Week of Integrity hosted by ICC Netherlands, seeks to commend outstanding initiatives that champion ethical behaviour and awareness in daily operations. Please note that this award is intended to highlight genuine, impactful actions, not commercial endeavours such as consulting.

Important Guidelines:

  • Page Limit: This form is limited to a maximum of three pages (Calibri, front size 11). All entries must strictly adhere to this limitation, this page of introduction will not be counted.
  • Attachments: Additional illustrative material (e.g., charts, graphs, images) can be attached to this form. However, no text-based attachments will be considered for evaluation.
  • Links: If requested, please provide appropriate URLs. Otherwise, links within this form will not be taken into account for assessment purposes. All relevant information must be contained within the body of this form, within the three-page limit.

By submitting this form, you confirm that all information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge. The jury, comprising experts from various sectors, will evaluate your submission based on a comprehensive set of criteria designed to measure your initiative’s alignment with the key themes of the International Week of Integrity, its innovative approach, and its broader impact.

Please take your time to complete this form thoroughly, as only information contained within the form will be evaluated.